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        天津市科技金融学院(School of Sci-Tech Finance,简称SSTF)创建于2016年5月21日,是国内第一家立足于科技金融培训和资格认证的专业机构。学院致力于为政府提供决策支持,为行业提供决策辅助系统、为学术机构提供交流合作机会、为学术人才提供实践平台、为社会公众提供科技金融知识,进而服务于地方经济社会发展。
       Tianjin School of sci-Tech Finance was founded in May 21, 2016, is the first domestic financial institutions based on scientific and technical training and certification and is committed to providing decision support for the government, and industry, providing academic institutions and academic talent with more opportunities of exchanges and cooperation, providing sci-tech financial knowledge for the public, and then serving the local economic and social development.
       The school adhering to the purpose of developing resources advantages, giving directions to strategy implementation, innovating the concept of development, leading the regional forward, and taking the guiding ideology of orienting financial sector, gathering advantage of resources, enhancing innovation capacity, promoting industrial development, and providing policy advisory services, training top talents of sci-tech finance, developing innovative sci-tech financial project including strategic development, investment promotion and capital introduction, area planning, project planning, area promotion, project incubation, Peak BBS, education training, etc.
       From financial beginner to the industry leader, the school strives to make the most advanced courses and training certification system in sci-tech financial field. These is not only the basis for the choice of financial career, but also a milestone in career development, furthermore, and a key step in personal career development.
      It is the time you join us and become a member of the Alumni Club.You may get the recognition of the current  and required skill and capability; the deeper exchange and the integration of financial knowdge with people of same goal; the inheritance of humanity and vein from hundred-year-old school of finance and economics; the valuable opportunity of career development and progress.
      Welcome to join us!